Why is it that guys who have girlfriends still check out other women? Or even make excuses to talk to them?

I consider myself an attractive woman and usually get the attention of men easily just by my looks, (which is not always a good thing) like in this case.

I have noticed that a couple of guys in my class, mostly between the ages of 22-28 I'm 23 myself, check me out or even make excuses to talk to me or just stare at me for long periods of time and then look away right when my eyes catch theirs. Yah sure I guess it's flattering but really I'm used to it and makes dating so much harder for me for many reasons (that's another topic I'll post about later lol) but here's the problem, every single one of those guys have a girlfriend, how do I know this cause I've head them say the words "my girlfriend", now I don't know their girlfriends and don't really associate with these guys outside of class, I barely even talk to them in class, but they sure spend a lot of time looking at me.
I just find this extremely wrong. First of all, they each have a GIRLFRIEND, second of all let's assume the reason why they check me out is because I don't know they're not sure about their relationship but does that make it OKAY for them to constantly look at me and my breasts and my face & say lame things to me like "oh that's a big cup of coffee you got there..." do they think I will fall head over heels for them & ask them to dump their girlfriend for me? lol
I have had this discussion with my mom several times and she's told me that sometimes men or even women just like to look at beautiful human beings, which is true, I do it myself all of the time, when I see a beautiful girl or a really good looking guy I can't help it, I will stare as obviously as I can cause I truly appreciate beauty. But I mean it's not like these guys looked once or twice then got over it no... it does not stop!!! and it makes me uncomfortable.

Is this something that is totally normal for men? because as a woman I don't check out other men that intensely or at all when I'm in a committed relationship.


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  • they are assholes though most men check a girl out, its in our nature but when we are commited we tend to do it in very gentle way
    While most men try to control there desire only a few succeed plus some women are just too hot for us not to notice but if the guy is local he glances at her, lol not stare

    • Well yeah I guess you could say they are "local" since I see them twice a week. So they basically check me out cause they think I'm hot but then they go home and fuck their girlfriends? So I should never trust a guy again huh? lol

    • No, they are assholes and like woman come in types, men have them too
      Those who are making it obvsly clearly are the type you shouldn't date but guys who dont make it obvs are those who need to chased

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  • I see women in relationships flirt with guys all the time. We all like to think there's just that one and only individual and they'll be true forever, but there's always other potential people. It sucks, but that's the way of the world.

    • Yeah but at the same time, i see men in committed relationships who don't check me out at all! Because they are committed to their girlfriends which is how it should be.

    • There is no "how it should be", there is no universal morality however much you want to believe. Some people are committed to their significant others and some aren't.

    • That, and not everyone will always find you attractive.

  • It is normal for men, you are talking about those guys they have gf, I think if you pay attention on a married man, he will also in the same line... lol

  • "Is this something that is totally normal for men?"

    Yes it is. The best you can hope for is that your partner learns to be a little more discreet about it.


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  • This is seriosly a question I have wondering in my head too! I'm kind of in the same scenario here. I think it's wrong and messed up that when a guy has a girlfriend he flirts with other girls always trying to talk to them in a way. It's weird.