If you were dating a short dude, what body type would you prefer that he had?

I was talking with a girl friend of mine and she said that she likes to feel small when she's with a guy, which seems weird but whatever lol. She said that if she were to date a short guy she'd prefer him to be like a bodybuilder so that she could still feel small. Is this a shared opinion? People always say short bodybuilder are overcompensating. I would think that a girl would still want an athletic looking guy, no?

To clarify, when I say small I mean 0-3 inches shorter than you.

  • Skinny
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  • Chubby (not fat)
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  • Athletic
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  • Very muscular
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  • Fat
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What Girls Said 1

  • i'm 5'8 and no i'd rather not date a short guy. But if he's just that great then I say slightly chubby or athletic. Muscular looks weird and stumpy. Some pudge is cuddly tho. And athletic is just fine.

    • At least you are willing to date a short guy if he had other qualities, and that is very mature of you

What Guys Said 3

  • i voted "A" because that's what i want to be once -although chances are 1/10000- i become a really short guy

  • Girls on here don't even like short guys, so I don't see why they'd even vote. My guess is that they'll pick C though.

    • Girls in general don't like short guys lol. It's more of a, "if you had to choose" situation.

    • Well in my experience they do like short guys... or at least they like me. Maybe I'm a exception. On here though short guys get no love LOL

    • Are you athletic? I find that being athletic and slim built makes up for me being 5'7

  • I heard if a girl were to like a short guy they like skinny athletic guys. I guess that's why tall girls find me cute :)

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