What is this relationship? Is this gonna be anything further?

There is one guy who I met about a month ago at the party.
On that party night, I was asked out for a dinner or lunch by him so we went to drinking few days later.
I was invited to his place for a movie (it was the third time I met him), it started from 2ish pm (I went to his place cuz it was daytime) but... Yeah I ended up staying over his place, we hooked up.
I let myself go cuz i felt really comfortable with him, but on the next day I kinda regretted that I slept with him before we start relationship.

We've been chilling at his place often ever since that, like cooking together, gaming (he having me between his legs), watching movie in the couch...
We cuddle and hold hands, it's really like date-ish.
BUT we never mention about our relationship.

And when I went to his place like for the 6-7th time around, after playful wrestring (lol) , we got tired, he cuddled me from the back and I had sex with him again. (I didn't let him till that day, so it was the 2nd time we hooked up)

I have no idea what is happening.
Is it just like a friend with benefit?
We have never had actual "date" outside.
And everytime we meet, it's spontaneous (like he messages me "what are you doing tmr? Wanna chill at my place?" And I come over to his place from like 2oclock)
We often text stupid things each other.
Just that he never mention anything about the relationship.

Can you tell me what he is thinking about please? :(
I kinda like him but being scared to lose by asking.

Yeah now it seems like friend with benefit...
We sometimes spend like 30 hours straight together
But the thing is that I let him have sex at pretty soon and we don't date outside.
Only time we go out together is the first date, and when we go grocery shopping and when he comes to see me off at the station.


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