I need everyones thoughts on online dating?

I am 23, I'm a little anti-social, well I wouldn't call it that, I'm very reserved and I have had many people in the past hurt me whether it was bfs or just friends so I'm pretty closed off to most people oh and I'm also VERY VERY picky when it comes to dating. I'm also busy with school and working and getting into law school. But I have been single for 2 years and I really wanna start dating again but... I'm not getting any dates lol I don't know why probably cause I'm not that approachable but I mean i don't make myself seem approachable to the guys around me cause I don't even want them. Anyways, I'm a little closed off to the idea of online dating, I mean I've done tinder but tinder doesn't have the type of online dating I'm looking for... lol I actually want to get to know someone and really date them! Anyways, I'm just kind of embarrassed to do it, I think it's awkward and I don't know I feel like I'm too young for it but at the same time it just seems like it's my last resort at this point.


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  • I dont reccomend it most guys lires there also women online dating not good idea I think


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