I'm confused now... and sad :(?

Last weekend I went on a date with my crush and we flirted really much. She asked me out and even gave me her number without me asking her. We were walking holding hands, hugging a lot and laughing. I thought she liked me. I admit this was too fast for our first date but I did a sign to her for a kiss when we were at a bar. She said she can't do it now. She hasn't known me very well and she doesn't feel comfortable. I asked my friend about this who knows her more than me and what she said to me sounded to him that she doesn't want a relationship. But he says that he'll know for sure this Thursday when they'll see each other as they are best friends. He told me this yesterday and my mood is really down. I'm really surprised I was able to write good on my history test :/ I really want to be with her and I'm sad.(and sick :P this running nose won't stop)


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  • A kiss was a bit too far and maybe she felt like you were moving too fast but it doesn't mean she doesn't want a relationship in fact she seems into you but just doesn't move that fast. Don't stop talking to her. Her best friend might like her or even love her so in my opinion if she doesn't want to date you hear it from her and not from anybody else.

    • her best friend is already in a relationship with a girl from our group. he told me that she flirts generally but I don't know how and if yes if she walks holding hands with anyone she asks on a date.

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    • i might will... but why stay hopeful and get rejected in the future? wouldn't it be better to be sad now and have 50-50 chance of getting with her? cause if i get with her then great, if not then... i'll be used to my misery...

    • Because losing hope means giving up. And giving up means to stop a trying to reach your goal. And when you stop you will probably lose her. That and the fact that you'll always be wondering what if she really did like you. Staying hopeful until getting rejected means doing your best! Knowing that you didn't give up! And that you did everything in your power. And besides it will make you stronger even though at first you'll feel miserable. After all, people learn from their experience.

  • just cos she didn't kiss u on ur FIRST date doesn't mean she doesn't want a relationship

    • I found out she was just a flirt... it just wasn't worth it. At least I had some fun that night

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    • ok haha why did u ask the question then?

    • Cause I was confused..:P

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