I don't know where I'm at with her?

Ok so I was dating this girl for 2 months and then she said I wouldn't see her for a while b/c she wanted to help her sister with her new born, understandable, but I haven't heard from her in 3 weeks. She's not responded to anything I've sent to her. Is it fare to say she just doesn't want to see me anymore and is ignoring me till I go away?


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  • If you haven't heard from her for '3 weeks' and still Counting on her to be with her, I find her behavior rude and crude that she has now put you on her pay no mind list. No matter what she is doing, where she is, there is no reason why she can't push a button on her end to send you a message to answer your Replies.
    She most likely has given you the brush off and maybe a lame duck excuse of 'Help her sister with her newborn.' It could have been a way to break this bough and a bond of being together that she no longer wants to Keep so this is her way of letting you know the cradle has fallen.
    Don't contact her anymore... I have her number, you should too now.,,, the relationship is probably dead in the water.
    Good luck. xx


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  • that's a cold fucking way to turn someone down. I think maybe give her some more time, she could be legit crazy busy. if she isn't busy then she is just damn cold!

    • Right, the thing is I was, maybe still am, crazy about her. I don't want to be that guy on the hook, and I don't want to appear needy. Should I text her to see where we're at or just cut my losses and start dating again? Its a shit situation.

    • give it 1 more week but do no contact.

  • She doesn't want to see you any more, and is too much of a chickenshit to just come out and say it. Stop sending her messages, move on with your life.