Make out advice PLEASE!!!?

Okay so I had my first kiss last weekend with this guy and I thought it was just going to be a peck but it wasn't... It was a full out make out session so I froze up and didn't move AT ALL. Let's just say it wasn't that great of a kiss and he told me that when he got back from vacation this upcoming weekend we can try again and I'm flipping out. I don't know what I'm asking for really... Like where should I put my hands, how long should I let it go on, if you guys have any advice or tips for me I would appreciate it SO MUCH. Ty.


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  • Relax :) it's normal to be nervous, just remember that most people don't have an OMFG-MOST-AMAZING-KISS-EVER the first time they make out, lol.
    If you want examples to make you less nervous, just watch any romantic comedy or TV show where they make out xD


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  • You need to be relaxed otherwise, obviously, you won't enjoy yourself.

    My example with this girl I'm seeing: had my hands under her pants/panty and on her butt. She slide her hands into my tshirt sleeves and rubbed my triceps the whole time.

  • just relax! chances are he has just as much idea as you. in other words he also doesn't have a clue! so you'll figure it out together

    • He has a lot of experience though and thats the he thing Im most worried about 😬

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