Girl giving off mixed signals, is she interested or no?

So I met this girl through a mutual friend not long after my ex broke up with me and it's been an odd situation. The night we met we ended up talking about our recent relationships, her ex had dumped her 8 months prior and I told her my sob story. Just to make things clear - our mutual friend had tipped her off about my situation and she asked me about it, I didn't bring it up. Anyways, we talked the entire night and really hit it off. Before she left she gave me her number without me having to ask which kind of caught me off guard, I wasn't exactly trying to get it but hey, I wasn't going to turn it down either.

Fast forward a couple of weeks - we've gone on a couple of dates, made out, but haven't had sex yet. Things are going slow which I can understand since we're both somewhat fresh out of relationships but I can't get a read on her. I'm confused - She gives off the impression that she's interested but at the same time reserved about it. I've always been the one to text first to talk or make plans. She gave me her number, has been going out with me, yet I feel like I'm chasing her. I can't ask her what's up because that will probably send her running in the opposite direction but not knowing what to make of this is starting to wear on me. What's going on, is she interested in taking this further or not?


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  • She's probably just nervous because she's fresh out of a relationship like you said. She doesn't want to get hurt and wants to take it slow. If you like her continue at the slow pace... she'll show you if she wants more. If a month or so goes by and it hasn't progressed then I would consider moving on.

    • My thoughts exactly, i'm actually fresher out of a relationship and am just as scared of getting screwed over again. It's only been about 6 weeks from when we met so I'm still riding it out

    • I think that's a good move. There's no reason for either one of you to rush anything right now.

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