Boyfriend problems and I don't know what to do help?

So I go to a different school than my boyfriend and friend and she messaged me today and told me she asked his friend about me and he said that he (my boyfriend) said he likes me a lot and wants to marry me

Then this one girl said that she asked him if we're dating and he said "kinda". Then I was freaking out and my friend said she'd message the girl again to clarify what she said and the girl said that the exact words he said were "I don't know".

I'm gonna ask him obviously but I don't know what to believe. We haven't been dating long so it'd be kinda weird if he said he wanted to marry me. My friend thinks he might be playing me but lying about what he said to save his friend. But then this girl is also known for starting a lot of drama and her cousin told me to keep my distance and shit from her.

I know it's confusing but I don't know what to do. I'm so scared of being hurt again.


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  • kiddo, stop relying on 2nd hand information about your relationships. Keep it between you two.

    • You're right. Should I still ask him about what I've heard or just let it go?

    • I'd let it go if you can. You don't know if he was too shy to admit how he felt to your friend.

    • It wasn't to my friend it was to another girl and she told my friend. But I guess for now I should let it go or else I'm just gonna end up with 20 other people in my relationship at all times.

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