Is she playing games?

i have met a girl through one of my pals, we spoke on night and her passed on numbers to each of us. after a bit of texting we decided that we were going to go out and try to see what happened. problem is the night out with my pal me and her was a bit of a mess but she texted me later to say she would like to try again. basically we have been texting each other a lot over the last few weeks but nothing has come to it yet. the other night I was speaking to my pal about it and he noticed I was a bit down about it all. he texted her told her this and she texted me not long after it asking why I was feeling down. I told her that it was frustating me that all we do is text and never seem to work anything out. to this she agreed and said that she thinks about me a lot and really likes me. I told her that I would try not to hurt her and she said it couldn't be worse than what happened to her before. spoke on the phone again and sent a few texts to ask if we are ok and which she replies that everything is fine. asked her what she wanted to do and she said she doesn't like choosing what to do. said that was ok and not to worry about it and we need to something as the thing between us is not going away. thing is she doesn't seem to be putting words into actions, I kinda getting me down as I think about her a lot but it does not seem to be going anywhere just now. I just am really lost with it all and any help from you would be great. she asked me what I wanted to happen after we went out for a drink or something and I don't know what to do

anyone else with views on this


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  • It sounds as though she wants you to take the initiative and plan out what the two of you are going to do. I know when I do this with guys it is so I can get to know them and what they like to do and just because I can be quiet shy and guarded with all guys I first start dating. So, my advice to you is to plan out a date for the two of you and then ask her if she would like to do these things and just figure out between the two of you what day works best.

  • She probably just keeping her guard up or something


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