My friend told me in August that he has had a crush on me for 2 years. Now he won't leave me nor my other friend alone when it comes to talking about me. He is constantly talking about how 'gorgeous' i am to him, which as first was a compliment but now is a bit creepy. He also won't stop talking about my butt and says 'if he saw Megan Fox walk down the road at the same time as me, he would ignore her'. Honestly I'm starting to get tired of the constant butt talk and my friend who he talks to is getting rely annoyed by the constant 'she is gorgeous' 'her but is amazing' 'i think I'm in love' etc. The thing is, i want to ask him to stop, but he is one of my really good friends and we talk very often. HELP MEH


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  • It's okay to ask him to stop, in fact you very much should. If he's truly a good friend he'll respect that.


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