She says aww a lot... should I be worried?

Whenever i compliment this girl i'm seeing (done it only twice now), she says aww, thank you... then i offered to sneak a picture of me in my costume (which i wasn't allowed to do) and she said aww, thnak you... I didn't even say it was for her. I told her i hoped she had a fantastic day, and she said aww thank you, you too...

Should i be worried?


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  • awwwwwwww thank you. haha, cbt help not to laugh. sorry.
    I think she's faking it but try to read her gestures.

    • its done through texts... and i don't think she's faking it. She always wants to see me... perhaps read my other questions to get a better idea.. i'll update them to the question

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  • It's kind of a friendship sort of thing to say.

    • She often does it with a very happy smiley...

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    • Yea i figured so :) just trying to figure things out hehe

    • I think you should enjoy how things are going and see where they end up. Either way, you have found someone you enjoy spending time with :)

  • no i say that if i like you in the relationship kind of way


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