Is it too soon to kiss her?

I met her a few weeks ago, we went out two weeks ago, and we kissed. (just a peck, on the lips, but still a kiss). She asked to take it slow, which i agreed on, because i like her and want to get to know her before making any decisions, and because, if possible, i want a lt relationship with her.
We saw each other Friday , we both had fun, but she refused to kiss me.
She invited me for coffee on Saturday, which turned into lunch which she insisted on paying for.
I'm seeing her this weekend again... and again next Wednesday.

I'm considering trying to kiss her again when i see her on Saturday. Is it too soon? should i wait a bit longer, or go for it? Ladies?


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  • Personal oppinion? Never plan a kiss. It should be at a moment when both people are comfortable with one another.

    • I have to admit, that i agree with this, even though i asked the question...

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  • Maybe next Wednesday because she seems like she wants to take it slow


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