Little things to make my boyfriend feel good?

hi!! well I've been friends with my boyfriend for about a year now, and well, we started to like eachother and now we are dating.
thing is, I really wanna make him feel special like he does for me, so what are ways I can do that? what do guys like that girls do to show they care?

and what are some good tips for kissing? like, i enjoy being nibbled on the ear and kissed on the nose and having my hair played with lol... not just to turn me on but its comforting. are there other physical ways to make my boyfriend feel relaxed and loved?
thank you!!

oh and we haven't gotten sexual yet. we've talked about it and we're both sexually active but we're young and the relationship is new so we won't get into that stuff yet


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  • Give him back rubs, give him the really soft sexy kisses, wear your best clothes in front of him, make him food once in awhile (no not a sandwich), care for him when he needs it, lie down next to him while he's tired and cuddle up against him, look at him once in awhile and smile, and say I love you out of the blue and really show in your face and speech that you mean it.

  • Make him a sandwich?


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