Girl knows that I like her, but when I tell her she stops talking to me?

So I met this girl on a dating app and we dated for about a month. Throughout the process I was clearly showing that I liked her and I felt she was reciprocating the same way. We would constantly text, go on dates, and flirt. But once I told her straight up, she just said she wanted to be friends. Now the only thing we talk about is class, which she told me to sign up for with her and I agreed. If I was giving clear signs that I liked her and she would initiate conversation and be in contact with me but once I told her I liked her that she would just not want to talk to me anymore? Did me telling her ruin something?


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  • Dating apps can be rough. Lol trust me I know. I know for me I wanted to get to know the guy first, hang, and just be friends. Then if something developed from that sweet! She might have the same mindset Cuz with us girls it's hard to find good guys on there. I had a lot of creeps and only a few good guys that were genuine.

    If it's been awhile then maybe she only saw you as a friend but if it just recently happened give her a few then message her again but make it a "hey what up? how are you?" type thing and see how it goes from there. Then you can ask her what she thinks about you.


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