Why does he take it out in me?

So guy friend and i have a weird friendship. Sometimes I think he has feelings for me. Signs are he gives me hugs and cuddles me via messages. We hug a lot when we meet and he can be very affectionate when be feels like it. He also kisses my forehead but this morning he was in a bad mood and took it out on me because he rejected my hug.


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  • I have a similar relationship with a friend, we are extremely close and as of yet have never gotten in a situation where either of us was angry at eachother, but i have certain days where i don't want to talk to anybody including my best friend, i would rather just avoid her than end up hurting her feelings just because i'm not happy at the moment. To me it makes sense but i would be able to see how the other person may feel, not knowing if they did anything wrong and just feeling rejected as a friend in a sense. The best advice i can give you is to continue to be there for him regardless of his moods, when he is ready he will let you know if anything is wrong or if he just needs to talk it out with somebody, its just a matter of being patient.


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