Girls!! Do you think shy guys may have a chance to get you?

Girls Hoennstly please ;) ;)


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  • of course! shy guys are the best guys and the way they show a interest in a girl is so cute and irresistable. its hard to say why, but it has worked on me a bunch of times. If there is a girl, show her that you are interested in her and if she doesn't, then totally her lost. show her your true self! i use to talk to a really shy guy and we had some fun times but he stopped talking to me so there's no longer anything. but i wouldn't mind getting in touch with a shy guy again ;) i love shy guys!


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  • I LOVE CRUSHING ON SHYGUYS. Shy guys are the best. I approach them fairly easy because I know they are not after me (or so I believe). But its really hard to actually know when a shy guy likes me. If a shyguy that I usually have conversations with once in awhile confronted me about his feeling, I would definitely give a shy guy a chance! If absolutely never talked or seen hi before, mmm no. Get the girl to know at least who you are.

    • well it's helpful what you said so thank's for your reply ;) ;)

  • they are the only kind i prefer because they'd understand me better :P


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