Why would she invite on a date if she wasn't interested in me?

So I've been seeing this girl for about a month now. We have been on 2 dates, she has been to my house twice and I went to hers a couple of nights ago and had dinner with her parents. Everytime we have been watching a movie together in bed or something we will always end up being cuddled up to eachother and holding hands etc. just no kissing and no sex. I have tried to kiss her twice but she pulled away both times and looked kind of nervous. She texted afterwards saying how she's just afraid of me stepping back because apparently most guys do, this was like 2 weeks ago though. she's generally a fairly shy person. We text pretty much everyday but it seems to have died down quite a bit ever since i saw her last at her house. If we haven't texted in a while she will always initiate a conversation somehow but then start being fairly unresponsive once she has said something. I sometimes feel like im a bit too clingy cause i really like her so im trying to hold off a bit. Today she invited me to have dinner at the weekend with her sister and her sisters boyfriend so i guess thats a positive. Could she be losing interest? if so why would she invite me to see her at the weekend?


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  • Listen come clean with her with a f2f. If she only wants you as a cuddle buddy then she must say so.

    You have been most respectful towards her. If I didn't know better I'd say you were a queer for not kissing her in a month. In that time you should have given her a dozen or more orgasms. But I can see you are pointed in the right direction and working with a problem girl.

    You just need to have a frank discussion with her about both your intentions. If you think you would like to commit to her tell her so, with the understanding she opens up with some love and affection. But you may be dealing with a troubled gal. Only time will tell. Good luck!