Would a Sikh date a western girl?

I am 35 and always found Indian men in the Sikh religion interesting and intriguing.
However, I would one day love to meet a Sikh but would they date outside there race and religion?


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  • Date? Probably. Marry? Probably not.

    • Why not marry?

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    • Looks like you are pretty familiar with there culture. Thank you for your opinion.

    • Not specifically theirs, but I have a good idea about how male schvenistic societies work, having come from there myself.

      No problem. That's why we're all here. To exchange ideas.

      Best of luck.

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  • Of course.. now is modern day.. my cousin Sikh marry to western girl at London 3 years ago.. All the best!!

  • You will be one of his many wives.


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  • You should come to the UK. :)

    • I might... lol!!!
      I don't think we have any Sikhs in Miami.

    • My best friend is Sikh, her brother married a western lady. They are open to it in the UK. At least a little bit more.

  • I have just come out of a relationship with a Sikh, I am white. We broke off the relationship as he told me in no uncertain terms there was no future due to his family. He was also very Westernised and we both live in the UK. No matter what people tell you I think it's highly unlikely that a Sikh will marry a girl outside their religion/culture although not impossible.

  • I think it really depends on the person; I'm Muslim (sikhism is similar to Islam); although it's against the religion, I'm in love with a white Christian boy.

    • Thank you anonymous.
      Best of wishes in your relationship :)

    • A) sikhism has no SIMILARITY with ISLAM , i know because i am sikh
      B) there is no problem in marrying outside the religion if the prson us kind and spiritual.
      Equality and respect are tge pillars of Sikhism so i guess that answers your question

    • Equality and respect are in the Quran too. I said they are similar. Islam says to not marry someone with a different religion. Also, what question did I have? I was simply giving MY opinion on a question.