Girlfriend pissed me off. Need advice?

Today i was waiting for my GF and when we met She was telling me about this guy she met and about their Conversation (in which i got jelous, because i was trying to talk about something else) but sh just kept texting him... in which i just left her... Later she said "Gee thanks for ditiching me" in which i snapped and asked her and her Girl-friend to leave me alone; She can be selfish, Naive and neglectful... He asked her to meet in which she didn't go because she knew i was angry... she told me nothings going to happen... But i know better.

I Could tell he likes her and she always leads people on... i Hate her for that

Im so Angry, what do i do? I love her and she says she loves me.


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  • I had an ex who would always talk about other guys liking her. Drove me mad.

    There's probably a reason for it, but craving attention like that is not a good thing.


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  • u have to stay calm and talk to her tell her u dont like how she talks to other men like that n just be honest n the question u have to ask urself is do u trust her?

  • Dont let her.. Talk to her about why your feeling like you are


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