Three steps forward and four back?

I recently began seeing an ex again. He has told me he wants things to progress and I have told him we can see how it goes. About the time he started making plans for the holidays with me I realized he was serious and decided it was time for an official first date with him.
When we were eating dinner I told him I wanted to pay to celebrate his new job he had been trying to get. He was good with it, but when I told him that I also thought we should celebrate the fact that we were on an actual date he looked at me weird and things got awkward for a minute. I had thought the fact that I kept referencing it as a date to him had made that clear.
Then when we went to the movies later he refused to even hold my hand as he doesn't agree with PDA's. It was a dark theater and we were in the back? But he can be all over me when we are just watching TV, which makes no sense.
Normally when we see each other we end up spending the night at one another's place, but he declined stating he was tired and barely even gave me a kiss goodbye.
I just don't understand what went wrong and how we can make plans for all the things we are looking forward to doing (supposedly), while we are togt5her, but he ended up acting so weird when we finally did.


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  • The saying is "an ex is an ex for a reason". Sounds to me, you'll be better off getting rid of this joker, again.

    • Yeah that's what the other chicken said, but the reason he is an ex is not an issue anymore since we broke up due to his habits.

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  • There is reason why you broke up the first time around