Is this guy hitting on me or just being mean?

I seem to be the target of many rude people Recently my boss began hitting on me and acting weird. He lost several sales of mine and seems to be playing games. All last week he hit on me furiously but I didn't reciprocate cuz there's more to it and I felt strong towards him. He wanted me to work the weekend but I didn't. He seemed kind of pissed I didn't work the weekend. Now I'm sick of the games and just want something to happen between us. Today he was sending mixed messages- hitting on me a little but also running away from me as if he didn't want something to happen when we were alone in a room where it cud have. He left me so damn confused. Last week he hit on me so much now he's running away? It almost seems like he doesn't want to give me what I want. He's married but doesn't matter he's already sleeping with an ugly
Older woman in the office I thjnk. It's only been two weeks. Finally we were there together in the end. Alone. He never made a move on me. He was still
Playing the I don't want u game. Then when I acted like I was going to leave soon he freaked out and tried to get me to stay. When I said maybe I can work as an outside agent he freaked out too and said I wudnt make any money. He said last week I like u a lot. Wtf is he doing?

Finally when I was going to leave he grabbed his stuff shut everything off and left with me but he almost acted stalkerish about it and weird. He seemed shocked nothing happened between us but he never made a move. He even made a comment today saying "I just want u to be with me" he meant in the office during a sale but he said it separately implying something else. He is sending mixed signals playing crazy games. wtf does he want. He's driving me crazy and I just want to make out or do anything to get it over with but he's married and I'm scared he's trying to make me suffer and if I make a move he might reject me just for fun. I'm not sure what to do


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  • First of If I was back working sales and it's a commission position I'd be fucking vexed like a bull about lost sales, NOBODY fucks with my money. Moving on, now I did read the whole thing and it was a bit puzzling, are you wanting something to happen or just want the boss to stop because your're not into him?

    • I want something to happen but just cuz I'm sick of the games. The problem is most men abuse me cuz I'm pretty and just fuk with my head. Yes shocking they don't want sex they just want to fuk with me. So I'm thinking he's already fuked an ugly old lady in the office and now he's mind screwing me. I want to verify or fig out what he's doing. He wants me t make the move why? I've shown I like him which proves he's just mind fuking me right? I'm a very sexy hot woman- you'd think men want me but I swear they don't. They'd rather fuk the ugly fat lady and make fun of me. Right now I do want his games to stop and I'm trying to figure out how to do that. If he wanted me he cud have had me by now. He's just abusing me for fun and I want to know how to handle it

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    • He also got angry at me about a quote and told me I had to do the quote by Saturday or he'll take my
      Customer. I said u can't do that he said yes I can and he was pissdd. I don't get it

    • @Asker I don't see why this is a problem, if he's going after ugly ass women it's probably because that's what he likes. Not everyone is the same, he just might be that one odd ball and clearly he sounds like one. Why are you getting mad? Focus that energy on some other guy, there's more guys who can flirt, is single and will probably want to fuck you and then some.

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