How come when online, women only date white guys?

This has been my experience, and the experience of many other guys I've heard from. Basically:

It's not super-hard to pick up girls in real life, but when dating online, girls of all races almost exclusively go for white guys.

There was even a study from Columbia university showing that black men fared closely to white men in a speed dating experiment (which took place in person).

Online, this isn't the case, where white males have a 50% higher response rate than other males (and probably a much higher actual follow up rate)

So what gives? How come minorities can pull women IRL, but have almost no chance online?


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  • Think of buying a car. You can go out to an in-person dealer and find a honda, dodge, ford, kia whatever else that fits the bill easily enough and is within your ability to obtain.

    But online, you can look at a Rolls Royce. Nice to dream about, but...

    • LMFAO

      You just said that Whites are the Rolls Royce of people!

      I don't think that I'm better than anybody else, but I do know that there are people living in the ghetto, the hood, the trailer park, or the block who don't even make an effort to live up to their potential and that makes them beneath everyone else.

    • "You just said that Whites are the Rolls Royce of people"

      ... they are?

    • Glad it got a laugh out of someone, apparently the ladies don't have a sense of humor.

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  • Lol, it's the same with black girls. Portrayed as unwanted online but no problems in real life. I would know as a black female.

    I think it's because people with lives spend their time wisely, not like these keyboard warriors trying to put people down and make other people feel unwanted online.

    • So true lmao
      I never have any issues... come on the internet like what is this shit! Lollll

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    • ... That's exactly what my question is asking. Why non-white men are universally shunned online, but are only slightly shunned IRL.

      Black women are undesirable compared to other races of women, judging by online dating statistics.

    • Stereotypes, as one guy commented, would probably be why.

      Send me the links please! It would be interesting reading. Even though online statistics does not conclude reality.

  • Because they like to live in a magical fantasy world that supplies the white gender like a vending machine that never runs out.


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  • I feel like that's the case in real life as well lol

  • Its called preference , I feel like this is a bait question though.

    If they like a certain type, then they'll go for certain types thats just how it is. Why are people even conducting studies on peoples likes?

  • Stereotypes. Which are born from reality.

    • Born from reality but still not a justification to define everyone by it.

    • I meant to use a question mark at the end of that.

      I think people try to avoid (insert race here) when dating online in an effort to avoid the stereotypical (insert that same race again here).

      That's my guess, and I'm sticking to it.