I feel like my friend wants to fuck up my relationship?

She told me some stuff today that I cleared up with my boyfriend and I trust him so I believe him. But when I told her this she didn't even say that's good or anything she just said something else to try and change my mind then just said "Hmm" when I said I believed him and wasn't worry.

Anyway. I'm worried that she's gonna keep telling me this "he said she said" shit and I'm gonna go crazy. She keeps telling me negative things and she told me her opinion of what happened and it was negative. And when I told her me and him dated she asked "um are you fucking retarded" and said he's ugly and just said ew that's gross. I know it shouldn't be but all this damn negativity is dragging me down and I'm scared that she's not just a negative person but that she is gonna fuck up my relationship.

And I'm scared and don't know what to do

Sorry if this is long


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  • She's doing it for one of two reasons. The first being that your boyfriend is a douche and you're not seeing it because you're emotionally invested. The second reason being that she's jealous and wants to steal your toy.

    Given your gender and age I couldn't even begin to guess in which direction things are leaning...

    • I know what you mean. But she doesn't even know him except for rumors. And she has a boyfriend so I don't think she's jealous but she's clingy and has kind of fucked with past relationships in little ways

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    • Rumors don't always have a seed of truth, some people spread them out of hate for an individual or to shift blame. The way to tell if the rumors are true is to use free information and be observant, but do not start accusing without a definite reason. free information means something out in plain sight that is easy to spot. if someone wears a cubs hat, and seems to treaure it, and has other baseball items, they like the cubs. That is free information. everyone has a tell if you look, don't accuse just boraden your perspective.

    • @TheRavenborne I agree. I didn't use the word 'always' for that very reason- I used 'generally'.

  • Sounds like she is either jealous of you having him, or jealous because she has lost a friend.


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