GIRLS ; What do you think this girl hated me for no reason... Couldn't understand her?

So I met this girl who works at the barber shop for the first time and she seemed to be nice to the other customers.

But when I sat down to cut my hair she seemed to ask questions about me.

She still asked questions about myself but didn't REALLY smile at me. But she was acting nervous around me by scratching her neck/ hair.

She asked how was the haircut and I said "Alright" and when she cut a bit more I said " It looks good".

I made a joke about my hair and the other barbers laughed , but this girl didn't laugh.

She seemed annoyed at me for no reason.

After I cut my hair she said it was 25 dollars , but I was casually holding 15 dollars and then she said you can pay 15 dollars.

I said " No I will pay 25 dollars" and payed it.

As I was about to leave she asked for my name and she said her name.

I don't know why this girl acted like that towards me?

Girls opinion. Thanks.


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  • im a hair dresser and some times wen i have a new client im like that if i that only because im not sure about them like im sussing them out n trying to figure out what i can talk about with them where as my regulars ill talk my head off laugh make silly jokes because i know them and also im consentrating harder on a new clients hair because I've never done their hair before n there's nothing worse then stuffing up a new clients haircut not that i stuff up hair cuts but because i know my regulars hair really well i dont need to think about it so much

    • But she hardly smiled at me and was nervous. Then she had the money thing happening.
      Then she asked my name as I was about to leave and say's her's.

    • we ask ur name for future reference and say ours so u know who cut ur hair there might be reasons she might still be learning as in an apprentice n she might still not be 100% confident she might of thought u were cute n got all shy i tend to talk total nonsense wen i think a client is hot lol u were a new client she may just be nervous around new people i doubt she hated u im sure she meant nothing by it go back in wen u need ur hair cut again n get her to cut it again n see how she acts

    • cool :) haha

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  • She does not know how to approach you that's all

    • what do u think was on her mind?

  • OMFG this literally sounds exactly like what I do when I like a guy.
    She wants u, but she's acting like this cus she doesn't know how to go about it and is shy.


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  • Dood she wants the D mang. At the end he was hinting for ur numbah silly. She didn't wanna ask straight up cuz she will be embarrassed by her coworker. Smh. U lost ur chance for a hook up lel

    • Are you telling from experience , bro?

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    • Thanks:) She did ask other customers (guys) a bit about their personal stuff but was relaxed around them.

      But she didn't ask those guys for their name...

    • She's trying to gamble her luck here. U did notice dat she took it alil bit further with u so that alone is enough to prove it to u.