Go on dates twice a month and watch movies everytime. Normal?

What the title says. For dates, we have lunch at a cafe, then movies, then spend the rest of the day talking about how the movie went until the sun goes down.

And because it's way too expensive to do frequently, and we don't wanna meet each other every week, we only go out on dates twice a month. Is that normal to you?


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  • Are you both in a relationship? Or is this just a gurl you see and have a date with twice a month?

    If you're both in a relationship and you still make efforts to take her out, then it's a great thing. As long as you both enjoy it (and it isn't something that is becoming boring ).

    If you both aren't in a relationship and you see her twice a month. Then I have to ask myself, how do you expect this to blossom if everything you do together is so predictable and you spend very little time together? When you are beginning to know someone and want to be with them, you have to keep things interesting . Try taking her to a different place (ex. Ice skating , bowling etc.) Some place affordable that wouldn't break your pockets.
    Even if you can't take her anywhere invite her over, all because "you miss and want to be with her." It doesn't have to be about sex.
    It's the little things that count when you're trying to establish a meaningful relationship with someone.

    • So it's okay for the frequency to drop off when you're in a much deeper relationship, but when the relationship is just starting, it should be done as often as possible? It feels so... counterintuitive.

      Wouldn't the couple feel... distant or neglected? Have second thoughts? It's like OMG it was like a whirlwind at first! But now we're committed to each other it seems like we hardly meet up anymore. No?

      by the way yea, this is a girl that I'm seeing and dating, we're not yet in a relationship yet.

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  • There is no normal, only what works for you guys. If you are asking, though, I suspect you or she aren't happy with this arrangement any more and maybe need to shake it up a little.

    • It's just a little bit... uncomfortable at this point, after doing it for 2 months. Yeah I should probably start adding something different.

  • If it works for you guys, cool. I'd want to see someone I'm dating more than that, though. At least 1-2 times a week. The guy I'm dating, we go out for dinner and a movie/bowling/ice cream about twice a month too, but the rest of the time we cook together at each other's places, hang out and play video games, chill at the park, etc.

    • 1-2 times is too much for us haha. We're both working and even on weekends we're doing self-enrichment courses (separately, unfortunately. We signed up way before we got together)

      But thanks for describing what you and your bf did, it's helpful, thanks!

    • No problem. :)

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  • if you both like it that way, then who am i to say anything? LOL

    • Haha, yea I guess we like it that way. We don't go out much.

  • If you on budget thats normal

  • No, not to me, but it's acceptably functional.

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