Could he start liking me more than his girlfriend?

I started talking to this one guy a few months before we started college. We reconnected like a month or two after we moved in. We became really close; he's my closest guy friend and he said I'm his closest girl friend.
I recently admitted I liked him just to get the secret off of my chest, and he said he did like me when we started talking but because a girl from home admitted to liking him before the summer, he decided to date her because he knew they'd be able to see each other and we wouldn't meet for a few more months so he didn't want to risk it because he didn't know if I liked him back.
Nothing really got awkward between us after that; if anything, we became closer.
Every night I'll spend a couple hours in his room and we'll just hang out. The only difference I noticed since me telling him I like him (but I honestly do respect his relationship) is that he'll be nicer when he teases me and he's a bit more sincere. (And that puppy-dog eyes work really well on him)
We're on fall break now and we've been snap chatting each other continously since we left campus yesterday (even though he was hanging out with his friends yesterday he still responded quickly and kept the convo going).
Is there a chance he might start to like me more than his girlfriend?


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  • No chance.


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  • Quit this. You may say you respect his relationship, but obviously you don't. Your agenda disproves that quite quickly. If you truly respected his relationship, you would not be entertaining the idea of him wanting you over his GF. Keep your distance. If they end, that is when you can consider these things.