Did I cross the line with good judgment?

I kissed my coworker at work! It wasn't on the lips but it was in an exclusive erogenous area lol.
I went to the break room to put my jacket away. As I was walking out I heard my crush (under exaggerated) call me over. It startled me because there was no one around at all. He was hiding around the corner in the kichenette sitting down playing a game on his phone. I walked over & wrapped myself around his arm, holding on close. I put my head on his shoulder looking at his game & said 'Hi, Boyfriend' in a really relaxed sweet voice.
He surprised me when he laid his head on mine. We are very close but he usually shrugs away a little. He responded to my comment saying 'oh I don't get any say in this relationship'. Then I went even further. I said no really soft with a smile. I looked up & kissed the bottom left side of his neck 4 times, kissing higher each time. When I got to his ear he started to squirm away lol. Then got up & said he had to use the bathroom lol. The kisses were not little quick pecks either. They were soft & slow & sensual... on purpose. I could tell he liked it a lot.
Later on I was on break & he came in for his break. He sat next to me with not only his feet point towards me but his whole body. His chest was even pusses out a little & he was sitting up straight. We had the room to ourselves again & no one really walked in. He gave me great eye contact. We talked to whole time but that's typical. I really like him a lot & he knows it. I've told him.
There was no one around & no cameras where I kissed him. He's totally not bothered by it so there's no risk of me getting in trouble but I know it crossed a line. How do you think he feels?


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  • I am pretty sure you crossed the line in a way that is awesome. This sounds super sweet and fun. I wish more girls were this bold...

    Personality and bravery, dang.

    • Haha thanks. I think it would work out more for me if he had your mindset. I'm driving down a dead end road with him.

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  • He is thinking how to make it official now
    he clearly is in tto you and loved the kisses
    and wants more but doesn't want to sound too desperate

  • Ok so you kissed one guy and then you went over and kissed another guy? Are you LOOKING for trouble?

    • What? You totally misread my post. That is not at all what happened. I don't even know how you got that lol. 1 guy

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