Starting a relationship with a girl I don't see that often?

So because I live in a village in Alaska, there aren't exactly a lot of girls in the village where I live, but we have sports tournaments every few months, everyone is flown to one school. Anyway, there's this girl I really like, and talking with her is going pretty good, but it's not like I can ask her on a date or anything, so how am I supposed to move forward?
If you need further clarification on my situation just ask.

So, disregarding the fact that it's apparentlly sure to eventually end in disaster, how would I go about starting it anyway?


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  • Long distance relationships rarely work out, my advice would not be to start anything serious with her, just keep chat friendly via Facebook or email etc.

    • We're likely to go to the same college next year, if she ends up going to college.

    • cool, well like I say, keep chatting to her in a friendly way, then maybe you can start something up when you're both at college. Good luck.

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  • How often do you see this person?

    • About 8 times a year- one cross country trip, one volleyball trip, two basketball trips, (all our sports are coed) and one athletics and academic meet (includes prom). Combine that with a couple of student government trips (we are both on the SG district board) and that's what you get.

    • Not a good idea.

    • Well thanks for your comments.