Is it possible for him to do it?

Well, my family didn't want me to date, so I actually i dated this boy, and he was everything to me, I trusted him blindly although I am the kind of person that doubts everything, well my sister caught me and we are senior year highschool it was over a month ago, but then she started to doubt me about him, he had an ex girlfriend who is stillcrazy about him, she ( my sister ) tells me that every single time I refused that he talks to her, he did, she told me that he is talking bad stuff about me, and that he loved his ex and introduced her to his family like he did with me, that all the things he did with me was usual with his girlfriends, but I can't believe my own sister, I can't believe a single word, is it possible to happen?
I can't calm down


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  • ya its possible that happen to me onces try finding out if she telling the thrut or not