On average when you like a girl how long does it take you to ask them out?

so me and this guy have been kind of seeing eachother for like a montha dn he's met my pop but he hasn't asked me out yet but his sister said he wants to so how long does it normaly take a guy to ask a girl out?


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  • I ask a girl as soon as the idea goes through my head. I don't like wasting time, I get to the heart of matter quickly. But I'm not afraid of rejection, and I'd rather get rejected quickly so I can move on the next girl as soon as possible rather than wait around not knowing. Most guys are afraid of rejection and will wait forever to ask a girl out, falsely reasoning that if she knows them longer, she's more likely to say yes--but the reverse is true. The longer you know a girl, the less likely it is she'll say yes. And most guys wait until a girl has moved on, then wonder why they got rejected.

    If he's in your age group, he most likely hasn't figured out to move things along quickly, so he'll probably take forever to ask. So in the meantime, start talking to other guys, in case that guy doesn't pan out.


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  • I ask her out when I'm sure I won't be rejected. And that's usually when she's over-the-top flirting with me. My advice make it painfully obvious that your into him and then he'll ask.

    Then it's 2014. Screw the old gender rules. Ask him out instead.

  • I think after having a few moments of making small talk maybe just having coffee, pop (soda)
    than after while i would ask her if she be interested in going out. I would think about month and half
    like 6-8 weeks than i would ask her out i don't want seem too pushy. I want come on very slowly so
    i wouldn't scare her away.

  • I the old days when I was a shy pussy... I didn't. I waited for them to make the move, since my balls were the size of 2 grains of rice.

    Now if I was doing it maybe 10 minutes to build up enuf courage to talk with her. When your old you already had a life of fudgeups. rejections and disappointments, so what is one more rejection.

  • Average men? I don't know... A million years? Lol
    Depends on how experienced, how old and how shy he is... The younger less experienced and more shy he is the lower the chances are he would ever initiate.

    • well he's 18 going on 19, he i dont know how shy he is but he's christian so does that help at all

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    • Then that means he doesn't like you in a romantic way... Sorry.

    • no problem because i know he does

  • Well he has to be convinced that you like him and won't say no. Then maybe he will.


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