I have a date with an older guy what do I do to impress him?

I'm 16 and a 19 year old guy asked for my number at the mall the other day, now he wants to take me to a movie. He knows I'm 16 and neither of us mind. I just recently started dating again and I'm nervous...


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  • Just be yourself have a laugh with him. Dating is about getting know each other. Don't take too seriously with him. Dating is all about giving you the option to decide whether you like him or not, to progress into a relationship.
    make sure you ask him questions, its a good way of getting to know someone. Please don't give him the benefit of the dealt just yet. You can't go round trusting people to quickly these days. You must be your own investigator, it will give you a chance to sniff out any bad cob webs you don't like about him.

    Don't worry too much, if it doesn't work with him, then at least you tried. nothing gained, nothing losted. Just count as an experience. With each experience will make you more wiser, for the next person you date.

    • never give someone your trust straight away. they must earn your trust. Don't let him, make you do something you feel uncomfortable. If he does, then call it a day. make sure you have a mobile on you, in case something goes wrong.

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    • I don't mind the age difference. It's not like we are going to have sex because I am a virgin. I am also very independent I make my own decisions and so it's not like he could pressure me to do anything I didn't want too.

    • No problem, No harm trying I suppose, Its good that your very indepenpent and make your own decisions. It makes up so grow up fast.

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  • He is too old for you.

    • lol thats what i thinking. but I didn't want to say it.

    • Yeah, i think it is a very bad idea. I would look down on a guy who was 19 trying to date a 16 years old. it isn't good for her, and maybe dangerous, and i would think of him as a loser.

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  • dont do anything.. be your self if your try too hard it will show.
    plus a girl has all the power she never needs to impress a guy its usually the guy who needs to do that.
    by power i mean all guys want sex and your power is to with hold that. that in itself is impressive enough

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