Does she like me or not?

So me this girl meet all because of a car accident, I told her I would fix her car I get her number (at the time I didn't like her) to let her know when her new part came in, I text her the day it came in fix it that night end of that or at least I thought. About 2 or 3 days past and she text me hey what up, I reply after about 45 mins nothing just going on a drive. We continue to talk and I begin to grow feelings. One night while at work she ask if I ate I said no because I was gonna get dinner after, later that night she brought me food to my work. We continue to talk and I asked if she wanted to hangout we hung out a couple of times and I eventually ended up asking her out and she said yes (she would later go to stand me up for the date at that point I was done and slowly began to withdraw from her) we stop talking I ended up deleting her number and snapchat, 3 months go by and she sends me a FB message asking hey what's up I reply working a lot, we continue to talk several more days and then she went dark, left it alone, 2 months go by and she sends me a snapchat (I have to 're add her if I want to see them) so I open them and it's of her daughter's bday, and she saw that I opened them and we start talking again a couple days later we hangout a couple more times, we went to a party together, she brought me coffee and lunch to work, we to lunch once, I asked to dinner as friends, after dinner were talking and I asked if she wanted to go to dinner again but not as friends but as a date, she smiles and said I knew you were gonna ask that and I don't know maybe, the previous times I asked her why we couldn't date she would say I'm too short for her. I'm so confused I don't know what to think anymore

A couple details I left out because I ran out of characters, when me and her 1st started talking she had told me that she ended her engagement 3 months earlier because he cheated on her, and about 3 weeks ago out of nowhere she told me why she stood me up or of of it anyway
I tried getting rid of her, but I think part of me because I've been out of a relationship for so long and I really miss being intimate with someone feels like I should try, but I don't want to get hurt, but I feel like I'm just asking to be hurt, I've tried not talking to her I deleted her number and snapchat, a couple of my friends as cold as this sounds said I just try and bang her an be done with it


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  • To me it sounds more like she wants your attention but not necessarily likes you. Honestly she doe'snt sound that nice because she's not really respecting you. She sounds like a player.

    • I got that feeling too, a couple weeks ago she sent me 2 pictures and both were the same thing but a couple days apart and they were of her just getting out of the shower it didn't show anything it was of from the chest up (no boobs) and the caption said naked women

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    • I'm really sorry. But it will be worth it when you find someone who is honest and cares about you. Nice girls really do exist. Good luck!

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Ignore her. She sounds like a bitch