How to ask a girl out that I've known for a long time?

I want to ask a girl out that I've know for a long time (since high school). We didn't speak much after we left high school but since we've both been going to clubs we have been meeting up a lot and now we go out with the same group. I've been wanting to ask her out since we danced together and I felt like there was something there. I've been a bit of a wimp when it comes to girls since I broke up with my last girlfriend 9 months ago. So I just need some advice on how to ask her out. I thought now was a good time because she is working the evenings this week so she's not going to the club so I thought I might be able to ask her to do something during the day. Were both 18 and we've been hanging out for a few months. Tldr I want to ask a girl out I've known for a long time and am friends with.


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  • When you see her next, before you say goodbye just say "hey, are you doing anything on?" If she's free then just ask her out. It really isn't that hard..

    • It's more that we've known each other for so long and we hang out so much and I don't want it to be weird. So you're saying I should just do it?

    • Think about how she acts towards you, do you think there's a possibility she might like you? If you do, then go for it. However if you can't think of any time where she's acted in a way that shows she's interested in you, then don't do it. I only ask a girl out if I have a reason to believe she'll say yes, and so far it's worked. I haven't been rejected once, lol.

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  • "Do you know the cafe down the street? Yes. I want to go there, do you? Yes. Good. Afterwards I'll eat your pussy."