GUYS calls GIRLS accidently?

this guy I'm dating.. asks me what I'm doing tonight(labor day weekend). I tell him I'm hanging out with friends drinking clubbing whatever. before that he sent a text saying ' yeah I want to see u. " so I asked him..l well I'm either going so and so or what do you want to do. He doesn't answer. but he calls me. and verifies what I said over the text. He says okay maybe hell meet me up. he'll ask his friends and he would call me back... one hour later he calls me by accident and hangs up . (I know this because it rang once only and he hung up). AND he didn't call me back... I mean we're only dating and I have no right to feel like he's obligated to hang out with me. BUT he's the one who says he wants to see me and doesn't even call back?! and wassup with calling by accident... should I just forget about this whole day and the calling incident? or should I take it personally and feel offered.. and confront him about it?


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  • I've called someone by mistake before plenty of times. Every once in a while they call back and I have a conversation but I wouldn't read to much into a one ring call that is obviously a accident or at the very least he wants it to look like one.

    The other part of the question the answer is simple if he liked you first he wouldn't ask his friends it's not like he needs there permission that's just a excuse and says he would rather hang out with them than you, plus he doesn't want to invite you to hang out with his friends. All around bad.

    Then he said he would call you back and didn't. The guy isn't that into you.


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  • Don't dismiss the call nor feel offended. Guys are really sensitive and sometimes take small rejections to heart. He text you to tell you in his own way he wanted to spend time with you. Perhaps he expected you to drop your plans and accommodate him (don't get into the habit of doing this) and so he decided to 'play' his game. He failed to call when he said he would(he knew you were waiting), he called to make sure you knew he didn't call ( but secretly wanted to see what you were doing or if you were waiting for his call), but hung up because he doesn't want to admit to himself that he wanted to spend time with you but you wanted to spend time with your friends.

    Either way, if you are only dating, and I assume that means you all are free to see other people, then give him a day or two to chill out, then invite him out. For all you know, he had better plans and really did call you by mistake and realized it a moment too late. Tell him what a great time you had had and wished he had been there to enjoy it with you. Don't fuss about the call. Perhaps, you may not want to mention.

    • Yeah.. but I even asked him " I'm doing this or that, did you want to come, or what do you wanna do? ' I even invited him to come along!.. he's an odd ball I guess what your saying makes a lot of sense. thanks so much!! =)