She lied to me about not having boyfriend... why would she?

I've directly told this girl at the park that I find her attractive and would like to take her out a month ago, but we haven't met up until recently. We have been out recently 4 times now. When I'm out with her I feel like we're couple - holding hands and making out passionately. She even says she like me and we have been texting every day. She has this odd behavior where she tries to hide us from being seen together by her friends. She would shake my hand off whenever we walked into the area where her friends may be, and acting strange. As she says it would be awkward if her friends finds out, but I have seen through this bullshit. We eventually talked and she mentioned that she thought we are just being friend all these times. I say I'm seeing her as a girlfriend, but she disagrees. She thought that I'm not a serious enough boyfriend candidate because I'm not "Chinese", and a "foreigner". And telling me her relationship history that she breaks up with her long time boyfriend in March, and that she been single since. Anyway, I asked her to give me time to know her better. Until recently, I was researching who these friends are of her. To my surprise, I found out one of her so called friend is her boyfriend. I wasn't sure if it was her ex or bf, till I saw the uploaded date of photos of them all together since March. I feel like my mind and emotions are being played with her all these times. I even know she is seeing another guy beside me, who she also called a friend.

Why would she do all of this? I feel like she really likes me.
And should I continue to go after her, or blackmail/play her back? And Should I tell her boyfriend about this?


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  • Some people can't handle being alone so they hitch hike from one person to the next with out a break. The people they date function to distract them from their inner thoughts.

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