What to do while kissing my boyfriend?

today is me & my boyfriend 5th month of being together. I'm suppose to be seeing him tonight and usually when I kiss him I put my hand on his right chddk while we're kissing. But I want to try something new. is there any place else I could hold (besides his face) when I'm kissing him?


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  • Yes kissing is nice, but not the only thing. Don't worry about what to do with your hands, but make sure what you do is natural and spontaneous and you feel like doing it. Try to maintain body contact. Grab and hold his hand. Bump shoulders or wrap your arm around his waist as you walk together. When sitting closely together allow your leg or foot to rest against his, or rest a hand on his knee or thigh. Hang an arm on his shoulder. You know, behave like he is your best friend.

    Meanwhile, maintain appropriate smiling and eye contact. Never complain or criticize or say anything remotely negative (also never think such things and you'll feel better).
    Nod yes or no to encourage him as he speaks, also you can say umm, uh huh, oooh, and so forth. You don't have to talk all the time, so give him time to talk. Try to get in rhythm with him, like crossing your knees when he crosses his. Don't forget to wear a bit of red. Do this with everyone special to you.


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  • You could try your arms over his shoulders but don't stress that much

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