When does a rebound become a relationship?

I've asked several questions regarding this situation with me and my ex and hopefully this is my last one. I am wondering at what point does what I thought was a rebound relationship turn into a real relationship. To make a long story short, my ex of several several years is dating a girl that we work with that is totally not his type and they fit every possible rebound relationship stereotype that is out there on the internet. However, this seems to be becoming more than that in my mind anyway. I thought by now this would have been over but it is going on like a little over 4 months or so. Do rebounds usually last that long? He is with her every night but leaves before the kids get up and they hang on their days off but according to her they only spend time together when her kids are asleep or at the babysitter. Also per her they don't go anywhere or do anything. Yet also according to her he tells her he loves her. I know a lot of you are going to say this isn't my business and maybe it isn't but I am making it my business out of curiosity and the fact that I still love him. So if you are going to answer this and say it's not my business save your energy from typing that out. Thanks.

I didn't mean to sound rude at the end but I get so tired of hearing from people on here to move on and how it isn't my business. I get that ok. I just simply want an answer to the question asked and maybe some reasoning behind it. Not a therapy session


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  • There's a chance that what you through was a rebound really wasn't. It's very possible that she's exactly what he was looking for despite the appearance that he couldn't possibly be getting what he wants out of it. It sounds more like you really just want it to be a rebound. But even assuming it is he could ride this out for a while until he feels things change or she starts asking more out of what they have. But if they're both comfortable with it, there's no reason for it to change.


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  • He's not going out with her, they always stay in and only when the kids are away. Its pretty clear he dosen't want to become too integrated into her life which indicates at this point its still just a rebound. But you shouldn't let yourself be bothered by this relationship, cause most likely he sees it bothers you and that's why he's with her. If you ignore them and start focusing on you he will see your not upset anymore and the relationship will lose its appeal.

    • So why does he tell her he loves her if it isn't that serious?

    • If he really loved her don't you think he would want to be involved in every part of her life?

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