How to approach this guy?

Ok so there is this guy that I really like. But there is not much I can do as culture dictates that as the lady I can't make the first move. He is a good friend and I've waited till he finished studying, he recently graduated as a pharmacist. We get along really well but we aren't best friends or anything. It's weird because he always compliments me on my looks and says things like why can't all girls be like you but then calls me bro? I don't know if he likes me or is friend zoning me?
I kind if want to use the line 'bro? Since when was I in your friend zone? You're not in mine you know' just to evoke a response out of him. I just fear that if I don't say anything then I might never get a chance and then regret it. Also most people that I have told, including my parish priest have not discouraged me, in fact they think we are a good match.
Note: I'm not playing games, my aim is marriage at the end, not saying now but definitely in the future.


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  • Forget what your culture dictates. Ask him out!


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  • Forget about all the unnecessary details if you like the guy tell him. I like you would you like see me again. I'm sure he won't tell your priest.