Ladies, if a guy you like as no more than friends, kissed you?

Ladies, if a guy who you DON'T like as anything more than friends, but likes you as more than friends, tried to kiss you, would there be awkwardness between you? Would you avoid him for a period of time? Most importantly, would you invite him out on a date straight afterwards?

I kissed this girl who i'm still trying to decide whether she likes me or not, but she refused. However, there was no awkwardness, she enjoyed her time with me, AND invited me out on a date for the following day. We still see each other and talk.

I should mention that we did kiss before, but she asked to slow down until we knew each other better. AND she's texted me good morning first thing every morning since then...

I'm not really sure how to read this situation... Please help


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  • She seems super cool, id like to think id play the situation similarly. She seems like she's just into taking things slow. I know it seems confusing but you're doing just fine it seems. Youve got her texting you first, some men have died trying to accomplish such a thing!


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  • Def go for it but don't rush or pressure her, she def likes you so go for it... remember... no rushing lol.

    • hahaha that's the biggest lesson i'm learning with all of this... Not rushing... Obviously from time to time, i will test the waters to see if she is ready, but i will back off if she ain't. I won't force her, and i don't text her all the time. In fact i try not to because i hate texting in general. Would rather spend 5 minutes with her in person than a week talking to her via text.

      But saying that we do have days where we'll text each other for most of the day...

  • She is probably want to take it slow. Keep go on.

  • She is pretty interested in u... but wanna play it slow... just chase her

  • I don't understand. You can think she only lies you as a friend or you would the asking this.. It's misleading.

    IF you really think she likes you no more than friends then why did you try kissing her in the first place?

    And why are you trying to sort out how she feels?

    And by would she say she wants to go slow if she only likes you as a friend?


    • I'm not very good at reading signals, and i've been messed around before by misinterpreted signals. I'm not trying to sort out how she feels, i'm trying to understand the situation before i decide what it is I want to do.
      I don't want to pursue her, only to find out we've been "just friends" but neither do i want to walk away only to find out that she really did like me. I like her, and would like to build something, but it all depends on if the feeling is mutual or not. That's why i'm asking. I can't ask her because its too soon, so i'm just trying to decipher the signals so that i can figure out my next move.

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