Do I choose Love or Warcraft?

So we met as gamers , became the best of mates, he was in a relationship that was on the rocks ( she kept a bag packed threatening to leave all the time with the kid) We met and became super close , things were great. Then she left, took the kid, and things went down hill from there. 2 months later, he's closed off, not the guy i fell for but am still in love with and he says i need to be patient , he loves me but is not ready to commit... Do i stick around and see if he will or go back to World of Warcraft and brave Azeroth alone?

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hmm should clarify that we have been seeing each other for about 2.5 months i live an hour away so i spend my weekends or days off there when i can. he lacks a license so i go to him. and these days he barely games any more either. yet when i try to pull away he tell me to be patient.


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  • You can play WoW either way... and it sounds like he needs a little space to get is head in order (chaining relationships can really screw with your head). So I would suggest you go play while he chills and thinks things through, but dont actually break up over it.


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  • Wait. You want him in person or to play the game with you?

  • Warcraft. Brave it alone, or join my guild =D

  • You do you and if he stays he stays but as someone who plays myself i honestly wouldn't let someone control my gaming decisions. Its a stress reliever and lets you chill when you want to so have fun and dont chase something that may not happen.

    • basically i immerse myself in the game, one, because i love it, always have. two i love him but if he's taking me for a ride im going to have to harden up , leave him , and go back to wow , Wod is awesome but when i get pulled in its all i do for months lol :)

    • haha agreed i have been enjoying WoD as well but i hate when people get dragged along with relationships only to end up more hurt then before n granted I don't know if he is taking you for a ride or not but id just let him come to you so dont stress. if you need someone to talk to or to play with you can add me if youd like my battle tag is kswan#1723 i believe lol

    • Added! :) only just hit 97 on my main due to not playing as much as i should have been , only 5 more chars 90's to lvl after that one ! lol

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