Men are more rational and emotionally mature than women?


There's a weird stereotype that claims that "women are more mature than men". But from what I've seen, if anything, men are way more mature than women...

Men: "OMG, she's so hot! I totally want to be her boyfriend. But wait, just because she's hot, it doesn't mean she has a good personality. After all, looks only matter for a bit when it comes to dating, am I right?"

Women: *notices a little bit of confidence in a guy* "OMG, he's so attractive, and confidence is the ultimate indicator of a good personality! I totally want to be with that guy!". You know what happens next...

I know, it's all instinctively, we are animals after all. But we are rational animals, we should be able to separate emotion from reason!

Don't get me wrong, confidence is an awesome thing, but dammit, why do people say that "women are emotionally more mature than men"? It's common for a guy to reject a hot girl because she has a bad personality (eufemism for the common derogatory term), but girls never reject a guy who's confident as a lion, even if that's his only good quality. Then, when shit hits the fan, they angrily shout "all men are the same!".

I'm not saying that all confident men are assholes, all I'm saying is that women don't really know how to separate emotion from reason, just like men do... Don't blame your instincts, men also have instincts but don't let them interfere in their choices!

Men are attracted to hot women. Women are attracted to confidence in a man. It's all instinctively.

(Note: I'm squaring off insecure guys.)


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  • From what I've noticed by taking care of children from
    the age of 2-14, is that at first, boys tend to mature much faster
    but then stops. Girls stays at a parent/adult needing stage
    for a longer period than the boys, but after the initial stage where boys
    lose that spurt, girls surpass them all the way up 14.. I'm not sure
    about what happens after that, but it's what I've noticed. ^.^

    What you're saying, guys are probably stuck at a "boy" stage
    for a longer time than girls are, since for some reason, girls
    tend to look forward to growing up at some point, and become
    a "woman" so to speak.

    I do believe that all of us have a little child
    inside of us, wanting to play and fool around though. ^.~


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  • I definitely think men are more rational than women, at least the good ones. But more mature? I don't think men grow up for a very long time in the way that women do emotionally. I read an article that said men who are 45 actually have the maturity of women at 30, and from what I've seen this is true. But yes, women can be very emotionally unstable, just as men can be overly rational , that's why it's good to balance eachother out. Neither of these are good alone.

  • lmao thanks for the laugh xD
    i stopped at "Men: "OMG, she's so hot! I totally want to be her boyfriend. But wait, just because she's hot, it doesn't mean she has a good personality. After all, looks only matter for a bit when it comes to dating, am I right?" who are you kidding? xD LOLL

    its more like
    "daaaaannggggggggg she is hawt ! i wanna bang her so hard right now!"

    • In general terms? Nope, you're still on the wrong side xD

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    • ^that statmen alone is proof im not xD

    • Yeah, you keep on believing that xD

  • Honestly I couldn't care less if the guy is confident or attractive. It's not that difficult to tell if a guys a complete asshole from the first few moments you meet him.

    It's not that women are more mature or rational than men, it's about the same really. It's just that a females brain matures earlier than men's do.

    • Believe me, that's your pseudo-rationality talking. If a confident guy showed up in front of you, you'd run after him like a lion to a gazelle.

      Plus, men are more rational than women, really. I've seen guys reject hot girls because of their personality, but I've never seen a girl reject a confident asshole.

    • Do you want to bet. You are not a female so you don't actually know I feel. I'm telling you that I cannot stand confident assholes no matter how attractive they are.

      We are not that shallow. I don't know how many girls you've actually seen reject someone like that but I can tell you I have seen it happen several time.

    • Just because it happened once or twice, it doesn't make it "several".
      Actually, I somehow can. It reflects on your actions. And yes, you are that shallow (general terms), I've seen way too many assholes get away with just being confident. This is true most of the time, yeah.

      And just because you hate them, it doesn't mean that all girls hate them too. This thought process is called "defective induction", watch out for that.

      Now, in general terms? Yup, women are that shallow.

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  • Its 50 50 gender has nothing to do with it in my opinion. it's more what they had put into them as a child and threw life i think. Goodluck :)

  • Gender has nothing to do with this

  • Are males more rational? Yes, no question.

    Are males more emotionally mature? Nope. Females tend to mature earlier than males and on average are probably a bit more emotionally mature than men even later in life.