Do you believe that Interracial dating nowadays tend to be seen as more of a competition between men and women of all?

ethnic groups/races rather then genuine relationships that no one should really care for nor blow out of proportion for?

That seems to be the trend I'm running in now with minority men, minority women, white men and white women.

Me on the other hand, don't mind dating anyone outside of my ethnic group nor do I care if women of my ethnic group dates outside as well as long as they try not to knock on me for my ethnic group based on their own individual experience but at the same time, I think it's stupid how people like to make interracial dating such a super big deal out of it. The only big deal I see out of it is if the family of completely different cultures were able to tolerate it.

As a Latino-American male, based on my own experience with everyone in relationships, the ones who make a very big deal out of it are white men, white women and most of the minority men and women (including Latina women) while most of us Latino men tend to be very quiet and not brag about it as much because we still see women of all ethnic groups as humans, nothing much else, except for the cultural differences. I think it's even more asinine that men and women of all ethnic groups turn interracial dating into a competition thing to see which certain ethnic groups of men or/and women gets the most dates both in and out their ethnic groups (all different ethnic groups). That's about it based on my own experience.

One more thing I like to add is that most of us Latino men also don't like to share our personal love lives as internet stories (when it comes to interracial dating) like most other men and women do.


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  • Yeah, it does seem like a competition a bit. Honestly I am usually found dating a white guy, but that is ONLY because that is all I usually see in my neighborhood so I don't have many options. The truth is I don't care what ethnicity/race the person is that I date. One of my more serious relationships was with someone who was black/asain (don't know what kind). I don't care if a black guy dates a white girl or whatever. I just care when they disrespect black women. I don't disrespect black men and don't find it fair or nice when they do.


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  • I don't think its a competition to be honest. I'm African American dating a Hispanic and I don't feel like its a competition. I just really like him & I don't think race should get in the way of how you feel about someone.

  • It's about two people just like any other relationship...


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