Has anyone ever fallen in love with their bf/gf only long after dating? I don't know what to do?

Please don't judge me I made a stupid mistake I know. I'm not inlove with my boyfriend but he is madly in love with me. A guy asked me out and I said yes. Then my now bf (I've known him much longer than the other guy) he wasn't my bf when that guy asked me out. Well he got really really sad and said that he was planning on asking me out that same week. He then started coming to my house morning and night wanting to talk to me kind of like begging me for a chance it went on for like 2 days so I then decided to give him a chance because I felt so sorry for him. He is a very sensitive guy. I cried a lot about it all because I didn't know what to do I didn't want to hurt anybody. But I just don't have feelings for him but he seems so so happy he even told his friends l that I'm his gf and I'm just faking being completely happy. I have told him so many times to his face that I don't feel the same he just keeps saying that all he needs is a chance. I'm so scared that I'll cheat on him someday really, because I'm trying to make him happy but I'm not as happy as he is. I see the other guy so often and I wish that I was with him instead. My now bf is very caring and kind even when we were just friends he was kind and caring. I don't know what to do. I'm trying to please everyone but I'm not pleasing myself :( I made sucha big mimistake the way I feel now I'd rather be single honestly.


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  • You have made a mistake, that is in the past. You have given him a chance and you have not fallen in love with him yet. It would be better for him if you leave him now while the relationship has not grown too much. You have no obligation to safe his face or keep him under the illusion of a relationship. You do not love him, if he loves you as much as he expresses, he would rather you be single and happy or even with another guy than to OWN you, CAGE you and smother you in a relationship you do not feel happy with.

    The sooner you leave him the better for all of you. Do keep in mind that you WILL BE HURTING him badly, there is no other way. But it would be better for him in the long run. It is always better to be single than to be with a person you love and see that person in an unhappy relationship.

    Your choice is to save yourself and your ego temporarily by staying with him risking extremely painful breakup in the future or leave him now and hope that you could be friends again once he realizes that you did what is best for the both of you (if he ever could, no guarantee there).


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