Pissed off my boyfriend, need help?

So one of my boyfriend's friends does not like me at all. Something about me looking like a dike or something. Either way, they're both spending Thanksgiving at my bfs house. I hate this Holliday because my family just tells me how useless I am. So I'm texting my bf and his friend tells him to tell me to "put the fucking phone down and spend some time with your family". So, upset, I reply by telling him to mind his own business and start ignoring my phone or else I'll say something I'll regret. Now my bf doesn't want to talk to me because I was a bitch. Am I in the wrong? What do I do?


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  • You're not a bitch. Your boyfriend's friend is an ass for not minding his own effing business.

    But, you should address why your family thinks you are useless. It sounds like you're not in a good place in your life. Am I right about that?

    • Not really.

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    • Not in a good place.

    • Without knowing the particulars it's hard to make a good asesament of your situation. But generally soeaking, it's rarely that the whole family is wrong.

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  • Young love.

    Ok, your BF's friend is right, he should have been spending time with you.
    However, your bf shouldn't have texted you that, and told you his friend said that, he's stirring the pot between you two.
    However, there was no need for you to react so ghetto.

    It'll likely blow over.


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  • god your boyfriend sounds like a douche bag

    • That made me laugh. Thanks for that.

  • I would say you go girl but I get his point of view there too so leave him alone for now

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