I'm not sure what she thinks about my invitation? Date or not based on what I've told you?

At Univeristy I joined the art society and saw a girl I immediately took a liking to. After that I meet her 3 following times:

1) At event (we speak for about 20min) 2) At bar with others (we speak for about 1 hour) 3) At another event (we speak for about 10min).

Total hours of interaction = 1.30h

I finally decide to ask her out on Facebook with following message (my first contact online with her): "Hey Kate, I have spare ticket for new hunger games film, Would you like to join me?" She replies yes and we agree to meet one week later.

My question is what in her mind is she thinking about all this? Does she know that I like her/ does she like me back? Does she think it is just a friendly invitation or a date request?

tl;dr: Met girl, asked her out for film, don't know what she thinks it is i. e date or just friendly outing.


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  • Goddamn fudging OVERTHINKER!

    Stop it.

    Instead of driving yourself mad, just plan for the date and how you can make it wonderful for the girl.

    Jeeeeesuss your G@G mf'ers are as insecure as they come. I'm thinking of leaving here soon. I've never seen a bunch of goddamm pussies like this in my life. Why in jebbuses name do you think we are mind readers?

    How are you going to take over the world when your balls are as big as 2 grains of sand?

    When it comes time to go down on the girl are you going to mf'ing G@G poll on how long to lick her clit?

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