Gag community, how should I approach this situation?

So I've been seeing this guy since July. Things are going well for the most part.

He tells me I'm beautiful, gorgeous, says I make him happy, etc...

However, every now and then he gets 'busy' with things going on. I'm not sure if he's actually busy or just blowing me off for the week.

The first time he said he had something come up and he was dealing with it and didn't have much spare time. I had to reach out and say basically that I wasn't sure what was going on (I had texted him multiple times with no response over a couple days), so I let him be for a week, and then told him I wasn't sure what happened, but it was okay if he wasn't interested.

He responded saying it wasn't that he isn't interested, but that he's dealing with something. Then he made plans to see me.

That was over a month ago.

More recently things were fine after that, but then last week we had a trip planned that we were going to go to, but he cancelled. His best friend's dad passed away.

Now he also deleted me off Facebook...

So as you can see I'm kind of confused. He says all these nice things to me, that I make him happy, that he can't wait to see me, and that I'm gorgeous. But then does that :S

He also hasn't made us official yet. I haven't slept with him yet either.

What do I do?


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  • Sounds like he's got anther relationship. you aren't getting much our of the relationship- is it worth it?

    • I'm starting to wonder. I feel as though there's something going on. I'm definitely starting to wonder if it's worth it or not. I'm not sure, though he was engaged before (a few years ago, but they broke it off). So I'm not sure if he has another girl or if he's just scared of getting into a relationship. He's been single for a while.

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  • even if he's so 'busy' he would at least have time to send you a text every now and then. at least once a day i think. him deleting you from Facebook seems weird too!

    • What do you think it could mean?

    • i do think that he might be seeing somebody else. he could at least explain what he has been caught up with i think other then just saying 'i was busy' but at the end, you will have to make that call

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