Best way to show my boyfriend that I appreciate his efforts towards me?

Over the past little while, it's come up a few times that I feel neglected by him. sort of him putting other things above me pretty often. We hung out yesterday, got in a disagreement after I lost my patience a bit. He asked me how can I not see that he's trying... he did do most of the things I was sad about these past 2 weeks so that kinda stuck.

What are some things I could say or do to show him that I truly see and appreciate that he's trying his best?


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  • Tell him that your starting to notice all the things he does for you, big or small. Tell him what in specific you like that he does, like text you cute things, compliment you, calls you babe or cute etc etc. Just tell him in the middle of any conversation at random that your thankful for all he does, catch him off guard for it, it feels good when you hear it like that. Most importantly tell him in person, things like thank you have more meaning when you hear them in person just tell him your thankful for his efforts and give him a hug where you don't want to let go of him.

    • I agree, it's important to mention what he does right, not just what he does wrong. You can't learn from her criticism.

    • You can't learn from just criticism.*

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