How do I find out why girls dont like me?

I've never had a GF and have tried to talk to a lot of girls and they have all rejected me. So I asked a few of those girls why they dont like me and none of them would answer the question and would just say things like "I dont know" or "dont worry about it etc"

How should I go about finding what Im doing wrong so I can try to improve myself?


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  • Just focus on what you know is good about you and learn to like those aspects about yourself.

    You won't become more attractive by finding any faults you have. There are guys who have so much against them who have no trouble finding woman, it's because they are focusing on the good and don't even think about the bad points about them.

    This reflects in your confidence and is then picked up by other people, including girls.

    • Ok thanks Ill try to find whats good about me (I dont know whats good about me yet haha)

    • Well you came on here to ask this question so you're a thinker, which is more than most guys. I think girls love intelligence and someone always looking to improve.. So there you go that's one thing and I don't even know you!

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  • If those are the responses you're getting, then it's plainly obvious you don't know how to talk to women.

    That's a problem, even if it's not 'the' problem.

    Start there.

  • Do you feel like you come across as needy or, to go in the other direction, a player?

    • I wouldn't say Im needy I guess? I dont really ask them for them to do anything for me except hang out. If they dont call or reply back I try like one more time and thats it. Im not a player I've never gotten girls before.