Does my friend like me even though he has a girlfriend?

There's this guy that I've been friends with for a couple of months. Recently, our friendship has changed. Whenever he's around me, he's always tickling my sides or touching me in some other way. He also has created a couple of nicknames for me that he always calls me.

Not too long ago, I gave him my phone number and now he texts me every morning. We end up texting until one of us goes to bed. I'm pretty sure that he's flirted a few times too.

However, he has a girlfriend. She lives out of state and they've never met in real life. I don't know what to do. He's told me that he can't talk about me to her anymore because she gets jealous. I don't know what to do. If it weren't for the possible signals, I would think that he was completely devoted to her.

Does he like me? Or am I just reading into things?


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  • He really likes you anytime a guy stays up with a girl till someone falls asleep that's love and then morning texts and if she's out of state shoot y'all might date

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